Download, Install & Use Mac Os X10.11 on Windows 7 PC

By | October 25, 2018

Today I’ll share how to install Mac Os X10.11 in the Windows operating system. This tune is not for those who have Mac. Like me, this is my attempt for those who use the Windows operating system but want to run Mac Os alongside Windows Os. With this tutorial you can take Mac Os taste in your activated Windows 7 computer. You don’t need to buy any extra harware components,. The main thing is if you have a Windows operating system, you can easily install an Emulator and use the Mac operating system on it.

download mac os x10.11 iso image

Requirements To Install MacOS X10.11 On Your PC:

  1. Need an Emulator Software (VMware)
  2. Mac Operating System Hard Disk (Install Bind)
  3. Some Extra Files (Mac OSX 10.11 ISO, CMD File)
  4. Your PC must Need 4 GB of RAM.

How to Run Mac Operating System on A Genuine Windows 7 Computer? (Follow My Post To Learn):

Step 1:

First of all you will install an emulator (VMware). Download VMware for windows x64 from here. Now many people can ask how to install VMware, you can see many youtube videos for this. It is not hard job at all. Now If you have installed VMware in your Windows PC, we can now move to the second and the final step.

Step 2:

In this step you will have to create a virtual computer in VMware, but before making this virtual machine you have to download Mac OSX 10.11 iso image. After download complete you must run a command file, or you will not get a Mac Operating System installed on your pc. Download win-install.cmd file and run it with Admin Privilege. Then you will find the link of Mac OSX while making the machine ready. Now click on Create New Virtual Machine and press Next to Typical and then select your operating system and the version will tell which versions are ready install. Now you have to simulate all the file system like you always do on Windows 7 installing. In this way you can complete the installation successfully.


If you have done all the steps above, then your Mac operating system will be run. Now you just need to set the settings your Mac. First you have to give your region, or country name, then you have to give a keyboard layout and then transfer all the files.

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