Top Free Windows 8 Games You Should Play in Leisure Time

By | November 6, 2018

If you are already using windows 8 operating system, then I hope you already loving it’s features and apps from windows 8. Here I will talk about some games which I always like to play. In case, If you don’t have windows 8 operating system on your pc I suggest you to upgrade windows 7 OS to windows 8. The upgrade is free if you own a genuine windows 7 activated on your PC. Now I will introduce some windows 8 addictive games that you should play. You don’t need to cracking, patching or buying these games because they are completely free. There are plenty of free games available at microsoft store for download and play.  But here are my list of top windows 8 games which are free but they are addictive as like as other paid games.

AGENT P Strike Best:

free windows 8 games

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A great free window 8 games.  An agent is going in a mission and he has to fight. In this game you will get 4 level and each one needs to be complete. You will find a BOSS on each level. There are also some puzzle that will attract you. Just play this windows 8 game and you will love it. The developers use some awesome graphics and sound system enhancement on this game. You will never realize you are playing a game which has no worth!


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Another excellent windows 8 free game from Microsoft named JETPACK JOYRIDE. You have to ride in a mission avoiding some building blocks, Bombs, etc. You will findout a shop in this game with many vehicle. You have to collect coin to buy these cars. There are almsot 50+ level on this game. Sound and graphics are very good. A great game for all age.


Windows 8 games

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A must play game for arcade lover. This is a arcade game and if you love arcade games then you should play this. Only 12 mb games. You have to complete each level to going different level. You will play as a ball and you have to avoid Mr: Villian to complete the mission. I love this game and I hope you also love it. See some screenshot.


Forget about Plants Vs Zombies? This game is not that type of game. But you will enjoy this game. In this game some angels will help you to fight against demons and zombies. You will get heavy different weapon on each level. If you like zombie type of game than try this windows 8 game. You will love this.


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